Hello everyone,

Welcome to my blog.

I belong to the category of people who live to eat and not other way around. I firmly believe that good food always makes everything better. Cooking has always been a passion of mine ever since I was a little kid. I firmly believe that good home cooked food, made with love can always makes a day brighter. I think a simple and healthy cooking is very important to live a complete life. Food is also a great way to stay in touch with our roots. With the fast-moving crazy lifestyles, we don’t get time to really enjoy our food. We tend to forget that what we eat, how we prepare, and how we eat is all dependent on our cultural inheritance. And food I believe, is a great way to keep ourselves closer to our traditions and cultures.

Even though I enjoyed cooking before it was more a hobby and never a full-time thing. Staying at home, my mom used to do the bulk of it and I used to do it only when I felt like. But after getting married recently, it has become a more of a full time and I realized how much passionate I am about making food. I try to make different recipes for my husband (who really enjoys good food) everyday and it made me realize that despite all the effort that goes into making food, seeing a smile on your loved one’s face gives you immense satisfaction. After pestering a few times, well more than a few times, by planning the menu two days before, my husband realized that I needed an outlet to my food craziness before I drive him crazy. So he encouraged me to share this passion with all you people and that is how Indiantadka was born.  He helps me with all the technical aspects of my blog too J

Why Indiantadka ? You will find that preparing food always doesn’t have to be tedious. You will find recipes here that are simply delicious and also very easy to prepare. We don’t live in India currently and we don’t get all the Indian groceries and vegetables here. So what you will see is recipes that you are slightly modified and also new recipes that you can try with minimal stuff at your disposal. You will find main course dishes, snack ideas, breakfast foods, basically everything here. Even though the name of our site is Indiantadka you will also find recipes of other cuisines from around the world as I like trying new things and my husband is struck with having to endure and eat what I make J. These are all tried and tested things so I can assure you that these are delicious items.

So try these recipes. If you like them share and spread the love.

Constructive criticism is much-needed and appreciated.

You can contact me at indiantadkaz@gmail.com.


Sneha Krovvidi